When we created Palletcap, our dream was to minimize the amount of damage that was happening throughout the UK and Europe. And we’re happy to say that our products have had a huge impact for our customers.

Although this is a great start, there are still a massive amount of companies that still suffer with pallet damages, despite our effort to reach them.
For whatever reason whether it be scepticism or that they just don’t know about the products. These companies still have to deal with the stress and costs of damaged freight.

Then we had a great idea!

What better way for these companies to hear how well our products work than directly from our customers.

Enter the referral scheme…

We want to reward those customers that recommend our products to others.

If you are one of our customers and can recommend our product to someone, we will happily give you and your recommendation 10% off your next Palletcap order. Not only does this save you and your referral money, you also help us to achieve our goal or eliminating pallet damages.

How to refer a company

If you’re one of our customers all you need to do is email info@palletcap.com and tell us that you wish to refer a new customer. Let us know the companies name and we’ll send you a referral code.

Ask your referee to contact us and quote your referral code.

Once your referee has placed their first order, we’ll send you a code to use on your next order which will give you 10% off your next order.

There’s no limit to this either, the more referrals you make the more you can save.

Speak to us today for more information on our referral scheme.