1 Simple Idea saves £1000s… and £1000s

Palletcap helps keep profits up at Dendron Distribution

In spring 2004, as diesel prices rose and transport operators turned to ‘hub and spoke’ systems to move Dendron Distribution’s fragile freight of pharmaceuticals and toiletries from A to B, the company quickly turned to Palletcap to counter the sudden escalation in damage levels.

“When we were dealing with our familiar transport company, edge protectors around vulnerable pallets had usually been sufficient to ensure products arrived safely,” explains Andy Dean, Distribution Manager at Dendron. “But as soon as they switched to using the pallet network, the amount of damaged stock increased dramatically. Third and fourth parties with no understanding of our product became involved in handling. They were top-stacking pallets containing glass bottles and wing cartons which got easily crushed.”

At a meeting called to rectify the problem, it was the same transport company who suggested using Palletcap – a highly visible cardboard cone which attaches to the top of fragile pallets to prevent double stacking. So Andy Dean agreed to trial the FLTA Award-winning invention and was rewarded with an immediate reduction in the amount of damage. “Palletcap is so effective that damage levels have dropped by 80 percent,” says Mr Dean. “As I look out over the warehouse, I can see all these bright yellow cones that really stand out. They act like beacons saying ‘Don’t double-stack this pallet’.”

The reduction in damage has resulted in corresponding rises in customer satisfaction levels. “They’re going up and up,” says Mr Dean. “The Palletcaps act as clear signals to our customers as well as ourselves. They are visual identifiers indicating that we have listened to our customers’ comments, that we have taken things on board and that we have found a solution.”

The benefits to Dendron’s business don’t stop there. “We’re actually making more money,” says Mr Dean. “For a small initial outlay, we see great returns. Pharmaceuticals are high-value products, so we are saving thousands of pounds by cutting down on damage – not to mention savings from the reduction in administration, claims and so on.”

Last but not least, says Mr Dean, the Palletcaps are incredibly easy to use – and to store. “Because they come flat-packed, we can order three to four thousand at a time,” he explains. “They don’t take up any space.”

“Dendron Distribution’s positive experience with Palletcap demonstrates the simple effectiveness of our product,” comments Hayley Shirley, inventor of Palletcap and Managing Director of the Staffordshire-based Palletcap company. “We are delighted that we can help businesses – not just to overcome challenges, but to really thrive.”