Case Studies

Customer satisfaction soars… stock damage plummets

How Palletcaps are helping WD-40 Company keep everyone happy. When WD-40 Company added the 1001 carpet care range t...

Mark Gravestock
Mark Gravestock
Customer Service and Logistics Manager WD-40 Company

The little things make all the difference!

We’ve been with Palletcap from the beginning. As soon as we heard about the award-winning product that could reduc...

Dez Shirely
Managing Director MTH Express Services Limited

Pritchitts Dairies are cream of the crop

Palletcap keeps Pritchitts one step ahead in distribution. When Montgomery Distribution, the distributors for Pritc...

Richard Bothwell
Palletways Manager Montgomery Distribution

Trademarque Tools

We have recently made a considerable investment in new product, which needs to be delivered to our customers on a pa...

John Knight
Trademarque Tools

A brilliant idea… in more ways than one

Frederick Miller seizes on Palletcap to reduce damage and discovers it’s also a great customer retention tool. Wh...

Derek Collings
Sales and Operations Manager Frederick Miller

1 Simple Idea saves £1000s… and £1000s

Palletcap helps keep profits up at Dendron Distribution In spring 2004, as diesel prices rose and transport opera...

Andy Dean
Distribution Manager Dendron Distribution