The little things make all the difference!

We’ve been with Palletcap from the beginning. As soon as we heard about the award-winning product that could reduce our damages, we jumped at the chance to try it.

Working with pallet networks, damages always seemed inevitable and just part of the process. Palletcap helped us see that, that’s simply not the case. Palletcap has proven to be 100% effective at protecting our pallets from double stack damage.

Having this huge reduction in damages has saved us so much time and costs. We no longer have to ship goods back and forward which allows our customer service team to focus on ensuring our freight gets to where it needs to be.

Not only has Palletcap helped prevent damages it’s helped us retain and even gain new customers. We now offer Palletcaps to all our customers. Customer satisfaction has rocketed as they can rely on their pallets getting to the destination safely.

For the minor cost that Palletcap brings, the return on investment is incredible. I would recommend Palletcap to anyone looking to reduce their damages.