Trademarque Tools

We have recently made a considerable investment in new product, which needs to be delivered to our customers on a pallet.  In the past, we have experienced problems with such deliveries and have been inclined to be constantly apprehensive about transit damage; which always seems to happen on occasions of particular importance.  Furthermore, the customer automatically blames us their supplier and usually, the resolve involves further cost.

Since introducing the new stock there has been a substantial increase in the number of pallets distributed and further good news is that despite increased volume we have not experienced any in-transit damage.

This has, we believe, been achieved by the introduction of Palletcap.

Palletcap prevents any other items being placed on top of your pallet and it is our experience that most in-transit damage occurs when other deliveries are placed on top of the item on the pallet.  It is especially beneficial if the goods on the pallet are not very tall.

As with all good innovative ideas, Palletcap is inexpensive and very simple.  It is a cardboard cone that you tape to the top centre of the delivery.  Subsequently, if anything is placed on top of the Palletcap, it collapses thereby alerting everyone to the possibility that there may be a damage problem.

We have been assured that pallets fitted with a Palletcap are carefully monitored and since its introduction, it seems to be resolving this type of issue.

In light of such a positive experience, I have taken this opportunity to write and introduce Palletcap to you. It clearly has reversed previous trends of top crushing damage here, to the extent that I feel it appropriate to ask you to consider using it, in particular with deliveries you make on our behalf.